Bake it and Bank it!

My daughter and I were shopping at Costco the other day, price comparing, deciding what was a good deal and what was just a waste of money. I’ve always been one to just say, well, just buy it and save the time. This day, we were discussing the merits of rice crispy treats by the box. A large box of 30 treats was on sale for $10.40 and it got me thinking.

  • A box of generic rice crispies – $2.00
  • A bag of marshmallows – already in the cupboard from Christmas.
  • A few tablespoons of butter – again, already in the fridge.
  • A 4 year old in need of a cooking lesson and a few hours to kill? Priceless.

So, here’s what we did:

* She helped with the cooking, measuring, and let me stir the hot stuff…

if I promised to let her lick the spoon.

Entertaining down to the dishes!

She did the dishes…

And we all enjoyed the rewards! Tea party with the kiddos this afternoon should be well worth the mess and the bit of sugar rush she got from “sneaking” a few too many marshmallows.

Remember, every day is a gift… that’s why they call it the present.