Better Pictures for posting online – Build Your Own Light Box

I love pinterest.

I pinned — BRIEFLY — with my daughters and the ipad last night, in hopes they would find some inspiration for DD#2’s bedroom redux we are planning for her Christmas present… It ended up in a frenzy of “liking” — mostly pictures of cute babies. And no, I don’t want another baby, as much as I like to look at pictures of them with the girls!!! I love Pintereset & Etsy, because everything looks AMAZING.  And, also, for my Etsy Store, I’m attempting to take better pictures of everything, to capture that professional quality that I love so much when I look at OTHER PEOPLE’s STORE ITEMS.

SO…what’s a pinner/Etsy Store Owner to do? Especially when we’re all about doing things ourselves, and making the world a better place by recycling? The answer was quite simple. I’m going to make a light box out of recycled materials. And this is my project of the day:

I found this online resource: Digital Photography School

Here’s the skinny… you take this:

And this...
Cut sides equally, cover with fabric, line with uncreased bristol board...
Say cheese!

I’ll post my progress to show you how it goes after I get everyone to school… but I am SO EXCITED to make your inexpensive light tent! Thank you,