Create Rapunzel's Crown for FREE!

Printable Tangled Crown

Thanks again, Disney Family, for doing this up RIGHT. Free Printables? Yes, please.

I keep an eye on Disney Family Fun’s ideas for Tangled parties…because that’s all we do here, just about. We create Tangled Party Decorations, keep an eye on Tangled Party Games, all things Rapunzel related, and continue to point our readers to the best ideas for throwing a Rapunzel, Tangled theme party.

And this one takes the cake. Disney has updated their Rapunzel crown to look SPECTACULAR. With three dimensional looking jewels, and a fantastic cut out. Just print it out on card stock, and create little princess crowns for your Tangled Birthday Party!

Include this in your Tangled Party Games!

Another idea would be to print these out for a Flynn Ryder themed ┬áscavenger hunt — where there is one crown for each child to find, and stow in their Flynn Ryder satchel (I’ve seen some adorable Flynn satchels and other items I’ve pinned…may or may not be available on Etsy at present *CHECK!* and I highly recommend these if you’re having boys to the party.

Also, you can hide gems, like we did, and the winner can earn a special keepsake box. My daughter had loads of fun hiding the gems herself, and then directing others to their secret locations.

Once again, thanks to Disney Family Fun, and their All Things Tangled page!