December 2, 2009 – Lay off week

Laid off. It happened.

Life as we knew it has changed.

What do I do now?

What better way to start this new chapter of life than with a haiku?

We’ve seen the recession hit, of course. First in the news. Then, in our city. Then, on our street.

Two weeks ago, our across the street neighbor removed their palm tree from their front yard–Lord knows what they did with the inside of their home.

We’re not there, and pray God, we won’t be. However, we are in the middle of the recession, finally personally affected by it. My company laid off (or is destined to lay off) 25% of their work force. I was one. AND, this week — I’m celebrating with shock. Coffee with friends. Blinking at my calendar, asking myself, what now?

I get to be a mom for awhile, instead of a high powered business woman. (*Snort*) Not high powered. Just a business woman in the publishing industry, now victim of circumstance.

What am I going to do about it?

This is what Recession Home is all about. We have one, and have a few months to get my act together and see what happens next. So, let’s talk about it? What does being laid off do to your psyche?

  1. STOP SHOPPING. Right. It’s Christmas time. Can’t do that, but I can stop charging. Credit cards stowed under glass – do not break unless there’s an emergency. And no, that emergency does not constitute as a great sale at Macy’s.
  2. CANCEL ALL UNNECESSARY EXPENDITURES. Ugh. No more housekeeper, even as a once a month guilty pleasure. No more Napster. No more — books. Library, here I come.
  3. LISTS. I’ve become the queen of lists. I have a grocery list. A Walmart list (say goodbye to Target for awhile).
  4. WALK. What’s in walking distance? School. Neighbors. The gym. Will now be walking instead of driving everywhere.
  5. COOK. No more takeout. Days of take out 3 nights a week are now over.
  6. SCHEDULE. I’ve lived by one for far too long. I’m lost without it. If I don’t schedule myself now, no one will. The laundry will pile up. The dishes will remain in the sink.

That’s enough now, right?