Father's Day Dinner @ Richie's Diner

We fell in love with the fountain during our Fountain Tour of Temecula. It’s close, it’s easy, and the menu is FANTASTIC.

Plus, it looks like a 50s diner, and that’s just cool.

There are several Richie’s diners around, and all of them with fun atmosphere, saltwater taffy in bowls for a nickel each, and friendly wait staff. A great spot for a family dinner.

After spending the morning with my dad down in San Diego, they grabbed pens, crayons, and cardstock and made fathers day cards for Opa. We had plans to meet my father in law for dinner that night…a day of progressive family fun!

We hoofed it back home, and dressed the girls up to the 9s — any complaints at getting back in the car were squashed with bright copper pennies pressed in their palms–and set off to the diner.

wishing @ the fountain w/ Dad

My hubby’s dad is a dyed-in-the-wool German with a sweet soul and hearty laugh. He always has candy for the grandkids, and a story about coming over sea’s from Germany.

The girls sat on one side, me in the middle. to keep their bored little hands from poking at each other, the dads on the other side. I had the pleasure of observing my hubby and his dad–so alike, yet so different.

Father & Son

What a sweet, meaningful moment: two fathers, so different, yet so much the same. Then, Grandad “Opa” got to open his home-made cards, designed by the girls…

Grandad, Dad
Grandad, Dad

We dined on chocolate malts, burgers, chicken strips, and a delicious French Dip and sweet potato fries. Michele got my youngest going, and even received an “I Love You!!” and a hug from my youngest daughter, after serving up a surprise little bowl of ice cream.

All in all, a very happy father’s day dinner, indeed.