Fortune-ate Valentine

Why not make insanely ridiculous and cute valentines for the kids to send out? I’m only in massive party planning mode.

But, my oldest daughter saw these while we poured over our DisneyFamilyCraftfinder app. Here was our inspiration from FamilyFun!

Oh, if you have an iPad and haven’t downloaded this one, you must, must, must!

Kids want to make valentines that look like fortune cookies? No problem.

Using a little wiremamma know-how, I created some fortunes with a curly script, and printed them out with love, from each girl.

Fortune Cookie Valentine

We are sticking them, with a sweet treat, in little cello bags bought in the $1 section at Target. Which also has an EXCELLENT deal finder app, by the way. But that’s another story.

We combined the DisneyFamily instructions for Chinese New Year fortune cookies out of muffin cups when I found Valentine wrappers while shopping. They’re really anywhere they’re hawking Valentine paraphernalia.

All we needed was a glue gun, little hands to make tags and stuff bags, and an hour for mama to glue gun and keep track of who gets what!

Here’s how they turned out!