Free Apps for families-Google Sky Map

I just came in from taking the trash out and took a moment to look up. Do you ever do that at night? Just glance up, and pick out the constellations glittering in the sky? In California, often the humidity obscures the vision but with Santa Anas on their way, tonight was a glittery spray of diamonds across rich blue velvet.

Identify Constellations!

I know many of the star’s names, and the myths behind them, but there are some constellations that always leave me wondering. Other times, I just like showing off. I admit it.

If you love looking at the stars and planets, and haven’t yet installed this free Android app, you must. MUST. To the power of 10!

The Google Sky app is amazing. Basically, you just hold it toward the star/planet/constellation in question and GoogleSky will tell you what you’re looking at. It even has a horizon line that will show you what is setting or rising. And, if you REALLY want to feel tiny in this universe, hold it pointed at your toes. You can see what stars are under your feet.

I’ve never felt like I was standing on a ball before this.

Another bonus is the ability to turn the text red, for night reading that doesn’t blur the vision. Take it with you the next time you go camping, or better yet, when you’re camping in your own front yard. You’ll be glad you did.

If you HAVE an iPad or iPhone, I have seen Star Walk–and for 2.99 is well worth the cost of admission. Beautiful graphics. But, for free, I’m all about the Google Sky Map and my handy cell phone…

Happy Night-Sight Seeing!