Frozen Fractals – how to plan your Frozen Birthday party using Pinterest ideas, etsy, and inspiration

Happy birthday, Miss Mae. Looking lovely for your snowball fight in your frozen tutu.
Happy birthday, Miss Mae. Looking lovely for your snowball fight in your frozen tutu.

Frozen is out, for download, on We watched it on Saturday night, all cuddled up with the girls’ Olaf’s and Svens… It was a popcorn, girl-food fiesta! and when we all burst into song for “Do you want to build a snowman?” and “Let it Go!” I got proverbial chills. They aren’t going to be little forever. So we need to celebrate each moment. Each girl-power, inspired by Disney’s new and true sister movie. Frozen. What’s my fave part of this movie? That the sisters save each other. Girl power. Icy cold chills, for this mama.

Mae and Friends after the snow... wearing adorable fleece scarves at this 13 year old's elegant chic Frozen Inspired party
Mae and Friends after the snow… wearing adorable fleece scarves at this 13 year old’s elegant chic Frozen Inspired party

But the girls are getting older, and an out of the box, Elsa and Ana everywhere party just won’t do. Chic, elegant, shabby chic frozen. Inspired by the Disney movie, but elegant. Glittering and gleaming with icy fractals. That’s what I want to see when I throw open the doors. A party that creates a Frozen Inspired wonderland, winter any time of year. So, using Pinterest, I’m planning some frozen tricks up my sleeve… with the help of a very talented young artist, Kaylyn Saffell. Disney. Once again, unites girls of VERY different ages *ahem* but our hearts are the same. So here’s what we’re coming up with as Frozen Party MUST haves.


I love an excellent decorations plan. And if it combines something I can make, with something I can buy, I’m all in. When I think of throwing a party, I think in terms of zones. The entry, the hallways, the buffet area, the games/crafting area, and then the outside or primary “free play” zone. Here are some ways to dress up your spaces… and if you want to use our snowflakes and snow confetti, we’ll do that for you…

Large and small snowflake die cuts...perfect for a Frozen party do it yourself diy decoration in shades of blue and white...
Large and small snowflake die cuts…perfect for a Frozen party do it yourself diy decoration in shades of blue and white…

Or, Paging Super Mom made her own template that is AWESOME.

Super Mom’s downloadable Snowflake Template

But here is an amazing idea for making frozen wonderland happen around every corner.

No directions with this image, but self explanatory for gluing clear beads to branches… glitter gleam and glow — add twinkling lights for awesomeness…

For the tables… and mantles… and other flat surfaces… these do gleam and glow…

Drilled holes in paper mache trees make for a gleamy tablescape for Frozen

But to make it snow! inside! <3 this is still my favorite of all the Frozen sites I’ve combed…

Floating snow flakes from transparent thread… suspended from latex clear balloon “clouds…” — silver “clouds” would work, too…

By the front door or back door, what is more Frozen inspired than a Christmas tree?

A frozen inspired Christmas tree…

Food & Drinks

I think the winner for Frozen Inspired drinks is this blue fizzy Hawaiian punch. Serve it up with dollops of vanilla ice cream…

Frozen Punch – Recipe by Bubbly Nature Creations…

Snow Cap Punch: made with equal parts Blue Hawaiian Punch, Lemon/Lime soda / and scoop of vanilla Ice cream! In each cup mix equal parts punch and soda. Add a dollop of ice cream to the top of each cup for the “snow”! but the CUPS!!!

We can make those. Glue, glitter dust, and know how…

Serve a big dispenser of blue punch for refills…

Blue Hawaiian Punch…

Because you need something salty, with something sweet… a Savory Snowman Bar is most acceptable. I think even Olaf would approve…

Build your own Snowman savory bar… includes pretzel sticks, raisins, and carrot sticks.
This is a fantastic dip idea… but I think it would be better with powdered sugar rather than regular.

For the “frosting” frozen sweet dip — you can dip sugar cookies, pretzel sticks, apple slices, just about anything you can imagine. Visit your baking shop for sugared pearls, or snow flakes.

We used:

  • 8 oz Cream Cheese, softened
  • ¾ Cup Powdered Sugar
  • 1 tsp Vanilla Extract

Now these beauties are a must… Jello “Stephan’s” Frozen Ice Cubes… he sells ice, right? So what better than this?

Frozen Jewel Ice Cubes… once again, thanks to our friends at Bubbly Nature Creations
  • 2 env. (1/4 oz. each) KNOX Unflavored Gelatine
  • 2 Tbsp. sugar
  • 2 cups carbonated lemon-lime soda
  • 1-1/4 cups boiling water
  • 2 pkg. (3 oz. each) colored flavored Gelatin like Jello Blue Raspberry
  • ¼ cup cold water

And of course, the candy bar… this one so gleaming and glowy… look at those lights!

The Frozen Candy bar, with “snow caps” chocolate covered pretzel sticks, and more…

Frozen Games

For kids of all ages, games are a must… but how to entertain a vast variety of age groups?

Frozen Snowball toss game! knock over the plastic cups for a prize
Frozen party game idea = This “Minute to Win It” — how many mini marshmallows (or cotton balls) can you pick up (with chopsticks) in one minute!?

And the ever popular – toilet paper wrap a Snowman… points for style, people.

Frozen “Wrap a snowman” game… give style points.

A Frozen Photo Booth is also a great idea… and here are some adorable prop ideas…

Frozen Prop ideas… all we need are Sven’s reindeer antlers… maybe some Rock Troll hats…

But really, for kids of all ages, what’s better than a “snow machine?” 

Let it snow! let it go! Frozen inspired party with magical snow, even in southern California.
Let it snow! let it go! Frozen inspired party with magical snow, even in southern California.

The Perfect Frozen Cake

We wanted simple elegance for Frozen cakes. Cupcakes, same deal. Something that draws attention but doesn’t zap all over with too much character.

Frozen cupcakes with a simple, fondant snowflake…


Elsa’s Frozen Cake – for wedding or birthday party…

Take home Treats

And, last but not least, the giveaways. Supermom Moments has some of the best I’ve seen…

Make your own “Thank You” fleece scarfs for a Frozen Party thank you gift
Gloves with ribbon ties, and a snowflake of course… delightful!

Or, my personal favorite…

For older girls, this “Snow and Ice” bath soak idea from Supermom — a fantastic way to weave in some beauty to your party.

Because, after all, we each and every one of us could use a warm hug.


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