Happy Halloween! or How to Sew DIY Harry Potter Robes in less than 24 hrs

Good morning! and happy Halloween!

Yesterday, the girls traipsed downstairs and announced that despite the fact they have a Madame Dracula and Butterfly costume awaiting the trick or treat event tonight, they wanted to dress for school in the “Dress as a Character From A Book” day…

Okay. My mind spinning, I’m thinking Splat the Cat, or possibly Fancy Nancy. Let alone Rapunzel Costume that’s hanging upstairs amid the other princess wear on hand.

We want to go as Hermoine Granger and Jenny Weasely.


And so, to Google I go. I found an AMAZING resource off About.com — on How to Make a Gryffindor Robe — it’s awesome, because it works for ANY size of student.

How to Make a Hogwarts Gryffindor Robe… ANY SIZE!

I still have my amazing Gothic witch robe that I’ve had since just after college, which I decided would make a wonderful Minerva McGonagall costume, and now my hubby wants to try his hand at Mad Eye Moody. Hmm.

The instructions said:

  1. Measure wrist to wrist
  2. Measure shoulder to Shin
  3. Use 2 colors — black and red, for Gryffindor

That’s easy. The girls are still little, so standard fabric width of 44″ was fine. Black fabric? No problem. Left over from the Nightmare Before Christmas party! But, the red for the lining, off to JoAnne’s we went. Along with it, more Yellow for our Felted Rapunzel Suns! Two birds, with one stone.

We ironed fabric, then laid out the box — doubled over. I had each girl lay on their square, arms out, and drew around them with a light crayon–leaving extra for billowyness. Then, we cut out the fabric, and used that as our template for the red, doing the same there. See the FULL Harry Potter Robe Tutorial for detailed info, but the long/short of it is this:

Black outside, Red inside…

A quick seam sew of sides, and under arms — we tucked the red inside the black, and I used stitchwitchery to tighten the edges down. PERFECT!

This tutorial was awesome – easy – and aside from the shopping spree only took about 20-minutes to 1/2 hr to do one robe. The next part was patches. We needed a Gryffindor patch, and I found these… EXCELLENT.

Gryffindor Patch

And www. StylinOnline.com is a great resource to purchase Harry Potter clothes, costumes, etc. Perfect for the DIY costume, to give it that extra something special.

And, look how cute they turned out!!

Hermoine Granger! I think, yes!

Happy Halloween! What’s the best costume you’ve ever whipped together? I’d love to hear!