How Does She? Easter

And, that is the question? How does she?

How does she do it all? We know those women. We grit our teeth at the door as they welcome us into their perfectly clean domains, telling us to excuse the mess. RIIIIIIGHT. Come on over to my house!

Really, I have many friends like this–who are crafty to the core, and I have discovered I can only moderately keep up with. Therefore, I plan on pointing out some places I’ve found to help me raise my bar. One of them is

Here’s what I LOVE for Easter/Spring Craft Projects.

Make Your Own Sidewalk Chalk!

or, if you don’t have Plaster of Paris laying around, how about this one? We ALL have boxes of broken crayons…don’t we?

Craft with Broken Crayons!

And, these are just a FEW of my favorite answers to the question… How Does She?

Check back for more ideas…