How I dropped everything to make a Tim Tebow Broncos = Tbow shirt

I love football.

Have I ever mentioned that?

This year, I’ve seen something AMAZING happen to my hubby. He’s been talking about Tim Tebow all season. This amazing quarterback, who by rights, shouldn’t be able to do what he’s been doing.

Today, my hubby called up to share that Tebow had passed exactly 316 yards in this week’s amazing win over Pittsburgh. And this wonderful man I married even caught the meaning behind that. An avid sports fan, he understands how John 3:16 shows up all over the place in the wide world of sports.

But, as a Christian, a mom, and a crafter, I just can’t let this opportunity pass me by. SO, I’m making one of these…

T-Bow Shirt...on Cafe Press - for about $30 + Shipping

Those of you who know me know that I’m not going to spend 30.00 on something I can make just as easily.

SO, for my readers, here is my answer

I’m printing out this T in Bronco colors, just because…

¬†and securing to a white T-shirt…over an orange heart…

and adding an orange bow applique, in a slightly different than Cafe Press fashion.

I’ve also seen these…


Yes, a little nuts. But, I’m happy to say that I’m inspired. I’ll show you mine ASAP!


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