Planning Our Tangled Rapunzel Party

My daughter is turning 7.

Princess Rachel


Do we have a party? Do we tighten the bootstraps and take a family of four to Disneyland? or…throw a party.

And, after much discussion, the party won out. My budget conscious husband did a shudder-shake.

Ahem. Yes, we’re trying to live on a budget. And, the cost of a party for 20 something Princesses can get RAPIDLY out of control. So, what does this mean in Recession Home land? It means finding some where there was none before.

I ransacked the office supply cabinet. Went through the “existing craft supplies.” Reviewed my cupboard of “party staples.” And, my arsenal of girl-friends who have MAXED out their storage with party supplies. I LOVE borrowing party supplies from my friends. You’ve gotta help each other out, right?

SO, here is what I have:

  1. YARDS of ribbon.
  2. Tons of glue sticks
  3. Cardstock paper.
  4. #10 envelopes
  5. Scrap book paper–which is ridiculous because I DO NOT nor HAVE I EVER scrap booked.
  6. A crate of Milton’s crackers that are good until 8/2012
  7. Craisins. By the ton, I think, from Costco.
  8. Juice boxes to quench the thirst of an army.
  9. Jello. There’s always room for jello. I assorted colors.
  10. Friends with a Tangerine Tree.
  11. Lemons. My lemon tree hands me more lemons than I have a right to have. I share these with everyone. Want some? All you gotta do is ask!
  12. A budget of $150.00 for the WHOLE party. Shudder.
  13. And ARMFULS of enthusiasm.

Our first issue–invitations. Who, what, and when are we having this Tangled party.

At 7, does one have a party with the whole class? with only girls? after tea and conversation, we decided a Tangled party with her 1st grade class girls and the Daisy troop girls would be just the thing to make her little girl heart soar.

So, how do we do this?

Tangled, as you know, is the new Disney princess, Rapunzel. Rapunzel has always been one of my personal faves. And, no one has party planning ideas like — the site has ideas galore. But, the Tangled Party Theme has not been “done” to death, because it’s all so new! she’s only been out since November, for heavens sake! Therefore, I went to work researching, and found one of my new heroes.

First of all. LOVE your web site. Super Mom Moments! When don’t we want to be Super Mom! Frankly, I define myself by looking for areas that I can excel at Super Mom’dom. And, when stretched to the limits of my creativity raising my Kinder-Kid and my First Grader — Super Mom Moments had just what I needed. Inspiration!

Rachel's Tangled Invitation...

I took her idea for Invitations, and created ours using Microsoft Publisher — I could have used the sample easily downloadable, but then I would have had to hand write all the info. Instead, I played around with and created the… RACHEL_Invite

If you would like a personalized one, I’m happy to create one for you. Let me know your colors, and drop me a line! If you want to contribute to the cause, I’ll happily take a donation. A starbucks card. Or just a, “Wow! That looks FANTASTIC!” a compliment goes a loooong way.

I used her idea to “square cut” a hole into the top left corner–using a scrap book square window cutter bought at , and used yellow yarn and pink yarn ties for the Rapunzel braid. Yes, I braided yards of yellow yarn, sectioned it with pink ties while we watched a movie at home. I discovered a long lost passion for braiding. Think it’s time to teach the girls how to  make Friendship Bracelets?!

Last but not least, I cut them individually to make little draping window braids, and hot-glue gunned them on the back, and created little #10 envelopes to put them in. Each girl was individually addressed as “Princess Da-da-dah” and hand delivered in a frenzy of 1st Grade pick up on a Friday afternoon.

Now, it’s time to get the party together! I’ve made my ONE trip to JOAnne’s for decoration supplies (to be discussed next!)  allotting myself a $100.00 budget. I escaped, using four 40% off coupons and bargain shopping for fabric, yarn, ribbon, and iron-on material for just about $90.00 — that left an extra $10.00 for party favors & food! Ahead of budget!

PLUS, this morning, I got out and Yard Saled — earning myself another $40 for the pocket money. A mom’s gotta do what  a mom’s gotta do!