Latest lemon to lemonade–Play-structure conversion to rabbit hutch!


This lemon tree is full of helping hands…


These little misshapen fruit are actually a sign of good fortune. I could’ve told you that!

Yes. 70° temperatures in Southern California this January. There is a drought. But my heart is full as the lemons on this tree. And right now the helping hands are my husband, who is busy at work on a project for our little girls.

Because of the summertime weather it got me staring at the backyard and that old Playhouse. The kids barely play on it anymore.

Dare we get rid of it? Sell it? Or something else. An idea began in my husband’s mind. Born of the wishes of a little girl on the edge of 10. The past 10 years went by, and it was barely a blink. In Ten more, she’ll be 20 and starting her own life.

It may have been Hands-free mama, who told me that there is time to let the grass grow later, after the children grow up. And my daughter has always wanted to be a farmer. To have all the animals she could possibly have around her.

Thus, we have two dogs, one cat, and and innumerable fish.

She wanted a pig for her birthday, but even I have my limits. Bunnies seemed the logical choice. We have the yard, the space, and the desire. What a better time to get her to learn some responsibility. Hopefully.

A Conversion of the old Redwood Playhouse is currently underway, and my husband is busy filling the backyard with scents of sawdust.


His imagination knows no bounds. And every time he pauses to wonder how to do something, I pull out Pinterest and find some reasonable solution of pinned bunny hutches that he can go by.

I’m really not sure how much else I’m helping.