Lemons to Lemonade — Martha's candied lemon zest

What to do with all the lemons from the giving tree today?

I juiced over 2 cups of lemon juice, and my hands are so soft I feel like it had a visit with Madge the manicurist!


Now, what to do with all the leftover lemon rinds…

Searching, I found Martha Stewart’s recipe for candied citrus peels and we’re starting there.

I only have lemons.

Lots and lots of lemons.

Unfortunately I juiced them first, making them tougher to zest. Next time, zest first!

Then, brought the water and zest to a boil….

Look at that reserved water! I think I’ll use it to make lemon cleanser… That’s too delicious looking to throw away.

This kitchen smells like lemon heaven…

Drying on an improvised rack… I’m wondering about the need for 15 min of drying time when these babies are just going back in a boiling, sugary bath… But I trust Martha…


Now for the syrup…


Now… Brined dried peel and syrup to boil for 8-ish minutes…


All that sugary, lemony liquid? I wonder if the humming birds will like it?

Now… To reserve the sugar soaked candy peel…


Spread out over a parchment with drain holes…


Look how translucent and gorgeous!!!

Now for sugar sprinkles…


Now… Wait for it to cool and crystallize… Lemon cranberry scones this afternoon!!!

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