Life, on purpose.

No need to burn bridges... just stop looking back.
No need to burn bridges… just stop looking back.

Today, I strive to live on purpose. Yesterday, not so much. But today, I can do these things, in the name of He who strengthens me.

I will not lose hours staring at Facebook posts of people I barely know. I will smile and talk to actual friends, face to face.

I will not pin a hundred things I will never create. I will focus on one pin-worthy item, and weave it into my life.

I will not forget to hug and kiss the ones I love. I will look them each in their beautiful eyes, and tell them how much they mean to me.

I will not raise my voice. I will remember to take 3 seconds before answering anyone harshly.

I will not lose another day without writing something new. I will outline my next story that’s been buzzing in my head.

How will you live on purpose today?