Little Girls & a Princess Tea Party – The Perfect Giveaway

I found this tutorial this morning, and even though we are busy at work decorating the understairs fort, I have not ONE better idea than how to host our “grand reveal” than with a little girl’s princess tea party. But, in RecessionHome style, I want to go all out without breaking the bank.

I have lovely china for the girls to use (and hopefully not break) thanks to an addiction to all things porcelain that I cannot explain, and the inheritance from my grandmother Marion. However, THIS is just the sort of thing I’ve been looking for to complete the party.

Paper Mache Tea Cups

PAPER mache Tea Cups!! 


Here’s a picture of the pattern…

Paper Mache Teacup Pattern

I’m totally wondering if you could use an egg crate to create this similar pattern, though it might be quite small.

All, thanks to a lovely lady named Ann Wood, who came up with the tutorial. I’ll be posting pictures of how it turned out, next week…

We’ll be using them as decorations & giveaways at the tea party.

Have you tried this? Do you want to play? Let me know!