Martha's Halloween Pumpkin Project

I just found this on Pinterest… and am so excited. Especially since we have — in style — ALL of the items to create these festive, fun Jack o Lanterns on hand…

Staircase full of Pumpkins...

Here’s a tip I learned about the called for ingredient “Wheat Paste

The cold-water version uses a ratio of one part flour and one to three parts water. You’ll need to test the ratio yourself until you get the consistency of thick glue. recommends adding a few tablespoons of salt to the mixture to help prevent mold, but we couldn’t find confirmation on this. In any case, you can’t beat wheat paste as an inexpensive, fast, and kid-friendly craft tool.

Therefore, we are making it ourselves. We are also following the sage advice of one of Martha’s commenters:

The reason the faces looks like they were only cut out of the orange layers, was because once the faces were cut into thee pumpkins – through all layers, they added another layer of yellow tissue paper to the inside of the pumpkin, for the light to shine through it. It would also help stabilize the pumpkin a little more.

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