Monday – Fort Day!

This morning, I’m inspired by Amy, over at The Wonder Years blog. She reminded me, as I was scanning her ideas for fun things to do with the girls, that organization of this precious time allowed to us is key… not living by accident, but rather, on purpose.

Amy organizes their NON SUMMER weeks this way:

(Used for fall, winter and spring months)
Monday: Painting
Tuesday: Story and Journal Drawing
Wednesday: Craft
Thursday: Baking
Friday: Handwork: Beeswax, Sew, Weave or Knit
Saturday: Out and About
Sunday: Family Day

Let’s all pause, and remember life with pre-schoolers.


We do this a little differently at our house — lately–especially during our summer of fun:

Sunday: Baking / playtime with dad
Monday: FORT DAY!
Tuesday: ?

Sunday is always my baking day. We filled the house with the aromas of chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies…some to devour, others to gift to our new neighbors…

Monday, today, is my Out and About day — a great day to crockpot dinner — RIBS — that we’ll throw on the grill later while the kids play on their revamped playhouse. We are keeping it ONE MORE YEAR — so today in honor of that, will be FORT DAY!

We’ve recently redecorated our Rainbow Redwood Swing Set that my husband and I scored off of Craigslist several years ago. ┬áThe red, blue, and yellow top was shredded from years of sun damage. And, much to Perry’s dismay, I’ve turned it into a “sheet fort” version of Rapunzel’s Tangled Tower.

He says, “You’re not keeping it like that, are you?”

We’ll see how frumpled it looks when it’s ALL done…

Redesign of Fort Roof - using purple bed sheets!
Playhouse New Roof
New Playhouse Process...
Not even finished, and already playing!
Newly Re-topped, Redwood stained playhouse...

We still need to add the flags (inspired by the fun flag idea we saw over on The Wonder Years blog… the curtain ties, and the Rapunzel Braid Rope…that I’ll finish this afternoon…or tomorrow.



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