My Blue Valentine

Valentines don’t have to be all red and pink, you know.

Take it from my colorful friend, who dropped this clever gift by the other day.

She filled a pretty Ball jar with blue and white mints and M&Ms (yum & yums, Ellie used to call them), topped with stick blue candy, and wrapped with a beautiful sparkling blue bow, and filled with lovely Valentine wishes, and the message “The Road to a Friend’s House is Short.”

On the other side she wrote:

Roses are red,

This candy is blue,

Want you to know I’m thinking of you!


Blue Valentine

She also inspired me to help plan her Un-Valentine party. I’m so on it. Nothing red. Nothing heart shaped. Teenage girls who don’t want guys around? PRICELESS.

Download your Blue_Valentine

Let me know if you have any ideas to suggest!