New Tangled Sunburst Die Cut…

Tangled Sunburst Die Cut

It came! After much searching, I’ve discovered the perfect Tangled Sunburst Die Cut.

According to my oldest daughter, this is much more authentic than my previous sunbursts…

what do you think?

Starting NOW, we’ll be using this on all of our Tangled Party Decorations:

  • Pennant Flag Banners
  • ┬áLanterns
  • Rapunzel Party Packages
  • 4 pack of Die Cut Tangled Sunburst Shapes

All from my store…

If you like the original sunburst better, please let me know!


0 thoughts on “New Tangled Sunburst Die Cut…”

  1. That looks awesome. May I ask where you found it, or found any of the die cuts? I’m in a color fundamentals class in college and we have to have our color swatches cut out identically and I didn’t want to do plain circles or squares. My 19 month old is obsessed with Tangled (like it’s on all day in our house), so I thought why not do my swatches in the sunburst shape so when the quarter is over I can hang them in her room instead of tossing them in the trash.

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