New Year's Promise for 2015…

My loves....I did the math this morning.

There are 24 hours in a day.

10 of those are spent sleeping, or getting ready to go to, or get out of bed.

3 hours are spent preparing and eating breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks.

2 more hours spent driving people to and from various practices and activities.

That leaves 9 hours of actual “living” this life with the family. Our “Happily Ever After.”

So how do we spend those 9 or so hours?

During the school year, the kids are away for 6 of them. My husband is away working for almost all of it. And how am I giving them my attention when they are at home?

I’m gravitating to my cell phone. Checking up the Facebook threads. Seeing who liked my latest post, or <3’d my Instagram pictures. I check the website totals. So, basically, I’m there–but I’m not there. Present, but not present. Distracted.

I’m living distracted. In a total brain fog, if you will. How about you?

Here is what I’m doing about that…

  • Quiet. Back to morning quiet time. Yes, I’ll get up before dawn for my quiet time, prayer time, and solitude.
  • Planning. Each day, according to plan. As best as I can manage…to make sure none of the plates drop.
  • #3Pages. Each morning, I will write 3 pages of unique, new words. Whether through editing my stories already written, or plowing into uncharted territory, 2015 is the year of getting back to the drawing board with my WIPs.
  • Social Distortion. You know it, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, all of it sucks valuable time… I’ve reduced the number of people I follow on Facebook. If you want me, tag me, or better yet, come on by for a cup of coffee. I’m actually thinning out what I’ve pinned on Pinterest. I will only post recipes I’ve actually cooked, or are on the menu for the week. Parties that I’ve actually thrown. Places I’m planning on going soon, or have already been.
  • Romance. Bringing romance back under my own roof. Date night returneth in 2015!

How about you?