Nightmare Before Christmas Birthday Bash

I think we’re going to do it.

A Nightmare Before Christmas party — to celebrate Ellie and my double-birthdays. Inspired by the Disneyland Haunted Mansion, all dressed up for Halloween at Christmas time… The decorations can cross over from Halloween to Thanksgiving, and then to Christmas.

I’ve gotten my budget… $200.00. Daunting. But I can do it.

Looking around, I found a fantastic Sally Costume that I want.

Sally Costume... DIY? or let this imaginative grad student Do It FOR U.

Can I make it? Probably. Do I have time? Ha! I want to try to do one for El…but she’d make such a cute little Lock…

As for banners, well…I had a client with a FANTASTIC idea using black felt & purple accents, and I can TOTALLY do that.

I already have some gorgeous black, silver, and purple striped ribbon. I need to think through recreating Halloween Town in my house. But this is an environment I’ve not yet attempted. Here are some images of inspiration I’m pinning on Pinterest.

Jack Skellington Gourd...
Halloween Tree out of Pumpkins!
Lovin' the spooky decor! this is an EASY sofa cover...

And, for Nightmare Before Christmas inspiration, follow my pin board…

Inspiration on my pinterest Halloween Party board! come join me!

If you’ve ever thrown one, or want to, I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts! I hear our Etsy store calling! These will be decorations to save for years to come, as it’s my hubby’s ALL TIME FAVORITE movie/sound track. I know. And, I married him anyway. 🙂