Physics at its Phinist – Cut the Rope for iPad

I love this game.

Cut the Rope
Cut the Rope

LOVE love LOVE this game.  In fact, it’s a great exercise in team work all around. It’s also available to try for free, and download full for just over .99 cents. WHAT a bargain! Angry Birds, who?

Cut the rope, by Chillingo, asks you to sling a piece of candy on a string or in a bubble into a little green animated monster’s mouth. Get it before it falls or before it’s eaten by spiders or smashed by sharp pointy things. The game goes on and on. And, it actually is a great team effort as we all must work together to figure out how to get that darn candy where it needs to go!

In a little way, you’re teaching the kids physics. The dynamics of movement and motion, and it’s all wrapped in a little cardboard box of fun!

I highly recommend it for ages 5-105. Download it for your iPad here today…

Let me know what you think!


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