Pin of the day — Play Pin the Pan on this Flynn Rider Wanted Poster

Flynn Rider Wanted by ashleyludwig
Flynn Rider Wanted, a photo by ashleyludwig on Flickr.

So, thanks to my friend Natalie, we are designing Flynn Rider Wanted posters…

This hand drawn poster was first “enlarged” — hand copied into 4 quadrants on 8 1/2 x 11 paper.

When you think about a picture in 4 parts, it makes it easier to get that smolder down, (not sure if the nose is quite right… 😉

Once the pencil rending is complete, time to redraw an impression over your poster board!

The lines, not shading, will serve as your guides for final sharpie rendition. Make sure to capture hair highlights, and ears… I almost forgot his ears.

Finally, use a poster marker to fill in the dark coat, eyebrows, beard, and hair.

He’s so terribly handsome… don’t we all fall for the bad boy…?

Anyway, the little ones will have a blast smacking Flynn with paper frying pans. Voila!

Pin the Pan!

If you need help, or would like a hand drawn Flynn Poster, just come visit me in my Etsy store, or shoot me an e-mail. Takes about 5-7 days to complete & arrive.

Super Mom Moments has the best printable frying pan, available for free on her site. She rocks.

All the best!