Pin of the Day: Recession Home Pin Boards

I’ve spent a little bit of time organizing pin boards over the weekend… hop on over and take a gander! 

Pinboards for RecessionHome

Why so many?

Because… for every pin, there is a season.

If you are truly a Recession Hunter — take a look at the Recession Proof Boards! For DIY out of items you probably already have around the house. For my books, works in progress, and inspiration — I give you my author boards: Story Prompts, Heroes, Heroines, and works in progress: Mammoth Luck, Mammoth Secrets, and  the Medieval Series: Kingdoms…

For party planners? There are tips for parties from Planning the Perfect Rapunzel Tangled Party, to Planning for every holiday in order of their appearance. Take note of the ideas for a girly Nightmare Before Christmas Party!! We’ve got some great ideas for Halloween Themed Parties too.

And, tis the season to start thinking about DIY Christmas Gifts! If you want to make your own Vanilla Extract, there is still time! *as long as it’s before October, that is. Better yet, start some for Valentine’s Day!

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