Pinboards of the MONTH: Zone Defense — How to Organize Your Home

I’ve discovered a bounty on Pinterest… Fishmama and her Zone Defense for the home boards.

(Hi, Jessica Fisher! 🙂

As my hubby is preparing for Fantasy Football Draft, I’m preparing a draft of my own. Cleaning up the clutter, and re-embracing my home as my kids set off back to school. We have a ton of stuff. It’s everywhere. I kid you not. And, if I’m being honest, later, I may snap a picture or two for the “befores” — but not until I’m satisfied with the “Afters!”

So, with her Zone Defense in mind, my zones are as follows:

Office. Hubby’s desk is sort of clean. My desk is too messy. Using his side. And the top of every surface. Shudder. Close door.

Living Room. Not so bad. Transitioning into Library this fall. More on that later. Wait… is the guinea pig still living on the bar? He’s gotta go back upstairs. Stat. Behind the bar? Um. Yeah. I need some boxes. And a yard sale. Definitely a yard sale coming on the horizon.

Library inspiration for our entry way…

Dining room. I THINK there’s a table under all that mail, and miscellaneous Tangled Etsy store projects…I’d like to do this for our mail… and I have many of the pieces to build this already at home:

Mail Station from IKEA magazine racks

Kitchen. Counters, not so bad. Table, workable but scuffed. Don’t open the cupboards or drawers. At all. Please.

Family Room. The family is living in there until school starts. Coloring books overflowing, chapter books everywhere, movies, video games, a blanket fort…um, we’re going to wait for school before we even start to tackle this one.

Pantry. Or-Gan-IZE!!! Slam door. NEXT!

Guest room. Right now, serving as a catch-all for laundry. Better shut that door, too. At least the powder room is in good shape. Phew.

Under the stairs is the girl’s domain — their fort — and right now, it’s full of stuffed animals. FULL.

Stairwell – clean! oh, I desperately want new carpet, but…that will have to wait.

Loft. Playland. Again, wait until school starts for this one. All drawers could be emptied and donated or sold at the next yard sale. The big doll house, still in use by about 100 barbies.

Master Bedroom. It actually looks nice when everything is put away. Bathroom, same… under the counters, needs a MAJOR de-cluttering and organization.

Hallway – home for guinea pig. There you go, little guy. Now the cat won’t find you!

DD#2’s room – closet needs reorganization. We need some new paint, wall coverings, and drawer clean out again. Man these kids are growing fast!

DD#1’s room – Same as above. She needs more shelves. More places to put her piles of chapter books. Wow. Maybe I should just go live in the back yard.

So, FALL is coming! I’ve got 10 days to organize the clutter, sort through the piles to find the diamonds and toss the stones.

I’ve got my IKEA catalog, and I’m not afraid to use it! More on this later…