Pinterest Worthy: Designing with Pallets – wine rack – Coffee Tea Rack love

Today’s pinterest worthy moment is brought to you once again by Pallet Love.

Pallet art is so right up my alley. So when I saw this by OpenSky

I went positively gaga.

All those little spaces for hanging wine glasses

Wine bottles just waiting for a party…

Or, if wine isn’t your thing… what about this Coffee and Tea bar?

But I’m pretty sure THIS is the one I’ll be  making. I really need a new something special for the front entry way…


I could even wire it for a phone charger!!

I’m begging my DH to bring home more pallets so that I can get started on this one… or, if you don’t want to wait, Open Sky is offering the above for a steal. If you consider what you’re worth an hour, that is.

My last pallet project was easy. Tip them behind the garden, let the plants grow as they will…


It’s working so far. The cucumbers love them….

But I want the inside palette designed wall hangings.