Planning a Brave Party – Worthy of New Disney Princess, Merida

Things are getting Brave around here, as the girls and I get ready to change our fate, this summer! While having lunch with friends we decided what we REALLY needed to do was to have a Brave Party — not a birthday celebration, as no one has a summer birthday around these parts. However, partying in celebration of the new princess, in an effort to stave off summer boredom? Absolutely. I’m longing to get back to Disneyland to meet her in person…but only because I’m SUCH A KID.

The REAL Merida

The plan so far is this… dress up, an absolute must. Activities, for take home treasures? Of course. And, decorations? Have you BEEN to one of our parties?

Some inspiration for our medieval kids party stems from our friends at Disney Family Fun, and a revised version of some of their Medieval Birthday Celebration ideas.

For Decorations…

I’ve been mulling over those fairy lights from the preview. You all know how much I adore lanterns. I know that the bluish beings that have something to do with the great dance of stones. I will be making something amazing to hang from the trees, the patio cover, and around the house. Stay tuned!

We’ll set a table fit for a king! with all the royal silver.

We are also making some fantastic back stops for our archery tournament that we’ll have in the back yard, and…

Of course… our princess trampoline. We might have to tone that down a bit, as it won’t be so much a lounging spot during a party.

The drinks will be served in goblets, decorated with a flourish of gems. Might have to do those before hand, however.

For the food

I’m serving Reuben sandwiches for the parents.

Kiddos will more than likely dive in to pastrami or PB&J tarts

Drinks, will be sun tea and lemonade

Dessert, we’ll make Scottish short breads, bear paws, and possibly a s’mores casserole. Because it’s my new favorite thing.

For dress up…

My daughters want to be comfy… so I found a great pattern…


I’m thinking Merida skirts (less itchy than the costumes.)

I’m LOVING the knights in armor,

with the silver table cloth ideas… as we have a boy or two coming. Probably.


and most importantly tartans for all, with Merida worthy buckles.

Finally, I’ll be making everyone Merida Hair Pretties… stay tuned! cross your fingers that they turn out!

For crafts…

I’m thinking gems, sequins, pearls, and jewels. Lost of them. We can put those on everything.

Family crests — we’ll decorate felt flags with each child’s name (and grown up’s, too) and let them plaster their crest with stickers that represent them… here’s a good template for that.

And, we’ll see about the Merida activity book that Disney Family Fun has come out with. They’re pretty good with that

For activities…

I’m inspired by the Scottish log throwing.

DEFINITELY a Merida worthy archery tournament.

Jousting? Possibly. But only because I can’t resist a good Jousting Tournament.

Remember, faint hearts never won fair lady… and sometimes, the lady has to win, herself.