Quilting MINECRAFT style

My daughters love Minecraft.

I love how it engages their imaginations, and how they play the game even when they are playing pretend games in the backyard!

So when my oldest asked if I could make her a minecraft pig quilt, it brought me to pause.

Could I? Probably. Did we have enough fabric on hand to do it? Probably, except for the backing. This kid shops out Jo-anne’s remnants like its going out of style.

So, we evaluated how big, and what a minecraft pig face looks like.

Lucky me! Everything in Minecraft is pixelated therefore, a Minecraft pig is made up of just basically squares.

First thing first? The shopping adventure.

20130722-190041.jpgshopping at Jo-Anne’s

Then we carefully figured out the shape of the pig’s face on a piece of graph paper.

Next, the arduous task of measuring and cutting all of these pink shaded squares!

Then came pinning long strips of each row…

Followed by stitching squares together….

Then stitching strips together.

Somewhere in this process the girls lost interest with the quilt entirely and spent their time watching Frontier House On the DIY channel.

Yes, over the one day it took to prep this project, we binge-watched an entire season of Frontier house.

Finally finished I decided to take that yummy oversized fabric that Rachel fell in love with and use that as the border for the quilt, proper.


The corners were tricky, so I decided to give Miss Piggy some ears.









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