Rapunzel Tangled Cake Toppers

I have been working on designing a Tangled Kingdom cake bunting, and think I have it!!

Using my new mini-pennant printable, ribbon, and bamboo skewers, I created a drape, then attached the flags… found pinned, all over pinterest!

Mini pennant printable

The result is gorgeous, and it is just about to get better. See the result at Stephanie’s party…


All the best, and happy Rapunzel party planning!!


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    1. Kassi,

      I have ONE left! You can have it. Please email me AshleyLudwig (at) Verizon (dot) Net

      And, if you want to order anything from my little store, I’ll happily discount you. Thanks for playing!


  1. I am not really good with English but I get hold this real easygoing to translate.

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