Recession Paper Project – Save a Tree, Entertain a Child

So, I was reviewing my twitter feed this morning (@wiremamma) and stumbled across something from fellow twitterers @permanentpaper and @KatMeyer :

at least 10% of world’s timber illegally harvested. HUGELY important people know from where their paper comes!! (via @permanentpaper)

WOW. 10% ? I know how much paper I go through… how about you? That said, there was an activity I stumbled upon in the Disney Family magazine insert on how to make paper: (see below for instructions thanks to

And I thought to myself, what a GREAT way to make cards! And Paper! and now, BOWLS! so, take a look at the instructions and glance at how we spent a weekend making paper…

We just made flat paper – using window screen material. Here’s how it went:

We rinsed the newspaper several times to get the gray out.

We added green construction paper into the mix, to give it a bit of color…

We also floated “Wildflower Seeds” in the final paper process, and included them in our valentines. Plant a seed of friendship! we said…and though I went mad cutting home-made paper hearts and gluing them to doilies – transforming our paper project into homemade valentines while my little ones left me hanging, they really did turn out amazing…and we got RAVE reviews… Not sure if it worked, though. Theoretically, if you plant the paper, the flowers will grow through… (havent’ heard yea or nay on that one!)

Result: Yes, the kids got bored. They were with me cutting. They were sort of there for the mulching & blending. But, then, they scattered. It was a bright, sunshiny day after all.

So, this rapidly became MY project. HOWEVER, I learned something about reducing, reusing, and recycling. And so can you… if the kids pick up on 10% of this? Imagine how many trees THEY can save in their lifetime…


Cool! Will make multicolored bowls next time…

Craft a Paper Bowl

From our provider: FamilyFun


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Learn about the process of papermaking — an art that dates back more than 4,000 years — with this step-by-step project that recycles pieces of ordinary paper into a decorative catchall for your desk or bureau.

Prep Time: Weekend Project
What You Need:
Construction paper (Two sheets of the same color and several sheets in varying colors)
1 Sheet of newspaper
Warm water
Colander and pan
Paper towels
Vegetable oil
Round kitchen sieve (ours was 6 inches in diameter)
Large bowl
Seasons: Year-round
Materials: Construction paper
1. Tear the two sheets of same-colored construction paper and the newspaper into 1-inch squares. Put all the pieces in a blender, then fill it three quarters full with warm water. Blend the ingredients on medium speed for a few minutes or until it forms a pulpy mixture, also known as “slurry.”
2. Set the colander over the pan, then pour in the slurry. Let it drain for about 10 minutes. Meanwhile, use a paper towel to apply a light coating of vegetable oil to the inside of a round kitchen sieve. This will help the finished paper bowl come off the screen more easily.
3. Tear the remaining construction paper into small pieces for decorating the outside of the bowl. Dip each piece in water, then place it along the inside of the sieve.
4. With your fingers, scoop and mold a thick, even layer of slurry along the inside of the sieve, covering the decorative paper pattern. Gently press the slurry against the sieve to squeeze out any excess water. If you like, place a few more decorative pieces of construction paper along the inside of the bowl. Set the sieve over a large bowl to dry completely (about 48 hours), then carefully remove the paper bowl from the sieve.