Recycled Craft Supplies

Thanks to DisneyFamily – I‘ve uncovered this recycled post on what to save for craft ideas!

One family's trash is a crafting family's treasure!

Ideas for extracting great craft supplies from stuff you might be discarding.

Crushed Eggshells
Parents can dye them with a mixture of food coloring paste (a dab) and rubbing alcohol (3 tablespoons); kids can glue them onto paper to make eggshell mosaics. Store the extras in zip-top bags.

Packing Material
The biodegradable packing peanuts made from cornstarch can be assembled into fascinating sculptures simply by moistening one end of each piece with a damp cotton swab (the moisture melts them and makes them stick together.) Use these and other (bottle caps, twist ties, rubber bands) and stay busy for hours.

Berry Baskets
Use them as weaving boards for yarn, grass, or strips of paper; cover them with construction paper for buildings; add a string handle for a carry-along treasure basket; or print with them by painting the bottoms and pressing them onto paper.

Bubble Wrap
Assuming you can stop the kids from popping it all, paint a section and use it to make polka-dot snakeskin-like prints.

Old Socks
Turn mateless socks into beanbags (cut one at the ankle, fill with beans, then sew or glue it closed), sock elves or zany puppets using whatever recyclables you have on hand.

***Craft Scraps
Scoop those leftover sequins, pieces of felt and pipe cleaners into a zip-top bag. When it’s full, challenge your kids to use the contents of your “Rainy Day Grab Bag” to make something new, such as a collage or free-form sculpture. Larger pieces of unwanted artwork can be cut into strips or squares and used to make collage cards or decorate a back-to-school book holder or pencil pot.

Here are some other crafting  ideas…I keep a list going on my Recession Home, Recession Proof Pinterest Page…

Milk Jugs!

I’ve found a plethora of Milk Jug Ideas, that I’ve pinned onto my Pinterest board. Check them out!

Milk Jug Catch
Milk Jug Storage
Milk Jug Planters

Egg Crates!

Cardboard egg crates have a WONDERFUL opportunity for crafting projects. Use them for separating paint for your budding artists, or cut apart for creation of flowers, string as bunting, and other fanciful feats!

Egg Crate Storage!
Egg Crate Flowers w/ Lollipop Centers!
Egg Crate Bunting flowers...

Mason Jars!

Mason Jar Toothpaste Holder!!!
Mason Jar Tea Lights...

Old Crayons!

Crayon Wreath...

Popsicle Sticks!

Popsicle Stick Bracelets!

Aluminum Cans!

Telephone! Aluminum cans as games...

Old Magazines!

Recycled Magazine Coasters

Old Game Pieces!

You Love - or Love You - But whatever, I LOVE this one!

Cardboard Tubes:

We did some fun things with Cardboard Tubes so far this year!

Cardboard Tube Rockets
Cardboard Tube Flowers on Frame

and, of course…the one that started it all after the, um, unfortunate Tee Pee Incident:

Heart Strings Project

Please note, all pictures are borrowed from the fantabulous craft sites, originally posted and re-pinned onto this site,, or both. Click to craft! it’s just that simple.

If you are making use of Pinterest, make sure you link to the POST, and not just to the picture. This way, everyone gets a quick and easy “How To!” and proper copyright is maintained. (I’m the eternal editor, I know… can’t help it!)

And, as always… happy recyclable crafting!