Red White & Blue Party Ideas

Good morning, after a wonderful week at the BEACH!!

Shell collecting, reading, and otherwise relaxing while my girls played with grandparents, aunt, uncle, and their near-to-grown-up cousins…I begin this weekend refreshed and relaxed, and having done some window shopping of my own.

We’ll continue our July 4th celebration with family, and will be crafting ALL WEEK next week to prepare.┬áHere are some more 4th of July, red white and blue party ideas that might strike your fancy… that we’ll be dressing up in that Recession Home thrifty style.

I’m going to make these:

Red White & Blue Rockets

Thanks, Martha!!!!

But I think I’ll use the cardboard toilet paper tubes I’ve been saving, and wrap them with some home-made red white & blue paper decorations… We’ll see if they’re anything NEAR as cute as yours… She’s Martha, after all–but if I can save 15.00 I’m going to try!

And, ohmygoodness, look at this BIKE!! The girls want to dress their bike’s up for our own 4th of July Parade… so we’ll be attempting something like this:

4th of July Bike
We'll be riding these around, and scooters, too!!!

And, oooh! 4th of July Pennants!! You know I’ll figure out how to do these…and in FABRIC!!! maybe I’ll get them in my Etsy Store… MAYBE! we’ll see how frenetic I can get…


I can do these. Gross Grain Ribbon... we can DO this!!!

I WANT TO MAKE THESE!!!! I need more JoAnne’s Coupons…

Fabric Stars for your 4th of July Party!!!! RE-USE-ABLE!!!!!

Daytime Fireworks, she calls them. <3 it.

Here are for the table…

Star Glasses~
Easy to make hostess gift! STAR GLASSES! We're going to try these with wine glasses...

Look at this one! great for serving tall breadsticks, or for setting in utensils:

Can Do These Cans! Might have the kids draw more red white & blue decorations for these...

A NATURAL Recession Home idea… for what to do with leftover cans…

OOOOHOOHOOOH!!!! Look here!!! I can do these!!!!!

4th of July Food Flags - Flag skewers... already got a plan here, from the Rapunzel Party...

AND, last but not least from Martha — Tissue Paper Fans… I’ve always wanted to try these…

4th of July Tissue Paper Fans - Red White & Blue!

We are SO going to be busy, preparing all these decorations next week!!! I’m considering a bandana table runner, or the paper star table runner… undecided on that one. ALSO, trying to figure out what to do with the lanterns. We can do those better, I think.

See anything you like that you need help crafting? I’m happy to sew, glue gun, or create for you!


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