Road trippin' with author Joanne Bischof: To Get to You – Day 1

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It’s day one of our virtual road trip. I’m waiting for the van to get here… packing a few things. Most importantly, my book to read.

Have you ever just known when you picked up a book? That this was exactly what you were supposed to be reading, right when you needed to read it?

—Read this “To Get to You” review by Kara of

“To Get to You” follows the story of Riley Kane–a young man on the precipice. He is trying to make something more of his life, more than his estranged father, more in the presence of his savior. He meets a girl unlike any other. He knows she can take him deeper into faith, into strength, into his future. But to keep her, he must help her by making the ultimate sacrifice–to ask for help at a time when he wants so desperately to go it alone.

Listen to this haunting acoustic version of Oceans, that inspired Bischof as she penned this beautiful story. And take a journey with me this week as I share our family road trips this week…

“To Get to You” is deep as the ocean. Dip your toe in, or dive in to see just how far it goes. From a tangle of nails that puzzles a car full of surfers and skateboarders to a road trip that draws father and son back to a place of understanding.

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Bischof is offering a slew of opening month giveaways with To Get to You’s release…on her website: HERE: TO-GET-TO-YOU-giveaway1-1024x388 (1)

P R I Z E  O N E    (pictured right) is for the gal who wants to ride shotgun. This prize includes a backpack, ocean-themed earrings, a travel journal, a $5 In-N-Out gift card, and thank you cards! Don’t worry, if you live in a state that doesn’t have an In-N-Out, I’ll just send you five bucks instead. 😉

P R I Z E  T W O    (pictured left) is for the lovely lady in the driver’s seat. This prize includes a beach throw from Turkey, a travel journal, body scrub (that seriously smells like the tropics!), a Sentsy travel tin in “Beach” scent and one of my favorite CD’s for the road!

TO  E N T ER    Simply fill out the form HERE ==>

B O N U S  E N T R I E S    You’ll see some options for bonus entries. These aren’t required, but if you’d like to put your name in the hat a few more times, those options are there for you!

R U L E S    Giveaway is open to residents of the United States. Drawing is open through September 30, 2015. Two winners will be chosen and contacted via email. Void where prohibited.

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