Road Trippin’ with Joanne Bischof: To Get To You – Day 2

Toes in the water - beach ocean waves
Toes in the water – the San Diego beaches beckon. Waves pound the shore. Best beach read? To Get to You by Joanne Bischof

It’s day two of our road trip journey with Author Joanne Bischof and her latest release, To Get to You. Have you entered her contest yet? Still time! 

Becca’s got her eye on that In and Out gift card, I know. Riley entered, too, to win it for her, but that’s just because he wants to see the miniature sea-star earrings against her pretty skin. (Don’t tell him we know, or he’ll just blush to high heaven.)

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I’ve got my feet on the dashboard of a 1960-something VW Bus… powder blue, of course.  It’s beautifully restored, because it would have been a crime not to. skateboard vw bus

Joanne is at the wheel. In the back, Riley and his dad are having a conversation, catching up on the latest surf competition. Riley may even be cracking a joke about his dad’s wipe out that made the headlines.

The pacific salty wind is blowing through the open window, and the radio crackles as Joanne Bischof and I cruise down Pacific Coast Highway. We’ve got a long way to go yet, but one more stop along the coast of San Diego before we head west across the 8.

powder blue vwThere’s a beach bonfire in our future. S’mores, guitars, hopefully Becca will sing.

Across the ocean to Hawaii, or west beyond the mountains of Taos, New Mexico–people everywhere are doing what they do to get through the day but here–right at this moment, all I can think of is how beautifully I’ve been broken and remade. Stronger than I was before.

Somewhere in my future is the life I’ve longed for. I’m 16 again, young, wild and free. And we’re driving…to get to you.

Here’s what’s playing in the background…and what I’m struggling to learn on the ukulele. Maybe I’ll have the chords figured out by nightfall…when we can say Mahalo e ke akua no keia la.

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Listen to Austin’s Rose performing this haunting, acoustic song: To Get to You

Enter to win:

Enter the contest to win one of TWO amazing Gifts… for the Fall Book of 2015. Bischof is offering a slew of opening month giveaways with To Get to You’s release…on her website: HERE: TO-GET-TO-YOU-giveaway1-1024x388 (1)

P R I Z E  O N E    (pictured right) is for the gal who wants to ride shotgun. This prize includes a backpack, ocean-themed earrings, a travel journal, a $5 In-N-Out gift card, and thank you cards! Don’t worry, if you live in a state that doesn’t have an In-N-Out, I’ll just send you five bucks instead. 😉

P R I Z E  T W O    (pictured left) is for the lovely lady in the driver’s seat. This prize includes a beach throw from Turkey, a travel journal, body scrub (that seriously smells like the tropics!), a Sentsy travel tin in “Beach” scent and one of my favorite CD’s for the road!

TO  E N T ER    Simply fill out the form HERE ==>

B O N U S  E N T R I E S    You’ll see some options for bonus entries. These aren’t required, but if you’d like to put your name in the hat a few more times, those options are there for you!

R U L E S    Giveaway is open to residents of the United States. Drawing is open through September 30, 2015. Two winners will be chosen and contacted via email. Void where prohibited.

To Get To You by inspirational author, Joanne Bischof. Mason Jar Books.

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  1. What a great Blog! Enjoyed it so much! I can’t see a VW vintage bus right now without picturing Riley, Jake and Saul heading down the road listening to jams. So much fun!

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