Seeds of Friendship, Seeds of Love

It’s S’winter in SoCalĀ  (That’s summer/winter for those of you who DON’T have kids who watch Phineas and Ferb)- and I have some things to think about when your money is tight/at an end:

  1. You’ve still got to feed your family.
  2. You’ve still got to keep house/yard beautiful. Or you should at least pull weeds/sweep the crumbs off the floor.
  3. You’ve still got to keep your sanity.

My grandmother did all three. She taught me when I was very young that a plant wouldn’t grow unless you’d “borrowed” a clipping from someone else. You’d be surprised how many plants can grow from one snippet of Geranium, Jade, or Hen & Chicks.

My best friend, Wendy, shared a story about her mother, and a fond memory of Nasturtium seed hunting when she was a child. Now, we have mountains of yellow, gold, and red Nasturtiums every spring. (Thanks @onedie!) This leads us to January’s Recession Home Project:

Seeds of Friendship/Seeds of Love

  • Check your old plants from last year. Do they have budding/dried/seed pods? If so, collect them.
  • NOTE: If your house is currently buried under snow, become my friend on Twitter, or leave a comment w/ your address. I’ll send you a packet of mystery seeds — call it a Recession Home Gift. @wiremamma
  • We’ve labeled ours, placed them in baggies
  • are getting our soil ready with Recession Home Project #2: COMPOSTING!

Our seeds are a combination of functional/edible/and beautiful. I am currently saving egg cartons to make biodegradable seed-starters once the composted soil is ready! seedlings, here we come! The types of plants we’re growing are:

  • Functional: Provides shade & privacy (morning glory, moon flower)/Pest prevention: Marigolds
  • Edible: Nasturtiums, basil, mint, dill, chives
  • Beautiful: Bower Vines

Next, the process of teaching little hands how to find seeds of life in what was once dead and shriveled. They love to help.

Morning Glory Seeds

Seed Hunting:

Seed hunting in the yard...

Composting tips:

1. Large container.

2. Worms. (eeeewe! I know, right?)

3. Soil.

4. Bio-degradable food leftovers like banana peels, orange peels, coffee grounds… um, thus far, that’s all I’ve got. Ideas would be useful.

5. Hand rake to blend soil.

Will be back in touch re: this composting project in a few weeks!