Souper Super Football Party

Happy Best Day of Football season!

Sure, it would have been better if one of the teams was wearing blue and gold… *sigh* Next year, Rivers!

At any rate, we’re celebrating with friends having a teeny-tiny potluck. It started with the great kid activity ideas I saw over at SuperMom…

Super Fun Game Activities

This alone was enough to make me want to have a party.

That, and her incredible idea for a Football Hunt!

The Big Hunt
Cut out several footballs from construction paper and hide them around the house for kids to find. Think of obscure places to keep even the oldest kids hunting: hung on string from the entry chandelier, taped on the underside of the remote or stuck on the bathroom mirror or ceiling. Tell the kids how many footballs are hiding, and let them hunt together or make it a competition to see who can find the most.

Our prize will be…something fantastic. Haven’t decided yet.

Crazy about Commercials!

As for our adult activities, I’m making and passing out these Super Commercial Voting Strips. We’ll see which commercial ranks #1 with our friends, and post the results! You can see if you agree.

Finally, we are serving food a la inspiration.

Bethenny Frankel’s Party Tips!.

I’m making our now-famous Blackened Chicken, attempting the Rapunzel Squash & Hazelnut Soup recipe we’ll serve at my daughter’s Tangled Party to see just how yummy it is.

Rapunzel Squash & Hazelnut Soup

Served in SUPER Bowls. Seriously Soup in Super Bowls.

That, and the chicken, which is the bomb. Thanks, Bonnie! 😉 I have the recipe over here:

Try it. You will NOT be disappointed. For today, we have it with the soup, or will have a mass of greens and my yummy home made blue cheese dressing, which is destined for fame I’m quite certain.

The only thing I’m buying are soup ingredients. I have everything else on hand.

Everyone else who’s coming is bringing an appetizer. Or making drinks. Or both. Because, after all, it’s a Super day for a Chicken and  Super Soup Bowl Party.

Did you get that?

Don’t forget to share your OWN favorite commercials from this fun filled day! Right now, I’m rooting for Volkswagon and the new Passat VW commercial with little Vader. I’m in serious love with this one.