Summer A-Z Project: What did you do over your summer stay-cation?

Right before school started, we sat down for dinner as is our nightly routine. The girls were antsy. Wiggling. Wanting to get back outside to play even though tomorrow was (gulp!) a school day.

I introduced a game off the top of my head. They’re always up for brain-teasers, thanks to their dad’s endless encouragement of the sport.

“Let’s play Summer, A-Z!” I spouted, pouring milk into pink and yellow Ikea plastic cups.

“How?” Rachel leans forward, figuring out a way to win, as always…”

“Let’s think of things we did…Starting with the letter A–” and before I could finish, she interrupted!

“Arizona! We went to Arizona!”

“With Ashley!” Ellie agreed, laughing, and pointing at me. She loves using my first name right now. Ha ha.

And, so we went along, re-discovering our summer of fun, by the letter.

I encourage you to sit down to dinner with your kids. Make up games to get them to talk! we went on through the alphabet.

A – Drove to Arizona!!

Proud Fisherman! (Note: NO leopard shark was harmed in the making of this blog post!)

B – We went to the Beach for a WHOLE WEEK with our whole family!

Balloon Launch, Temecula Balloon and Wine Festival, 2011
Balloon watching...

* Saw the Balloon Festival (pipes in Ellie…)

C – Our Camping trip with our favorite camping buddies!!!

A day out with the girls!

D – We took our American Girl Dolls to the American Girl Store!

E – Mama and Daddy sold my Rapunzel Party on Etsy…

Fountain hunters!

F – Fountain Hunting in Temecula! (and Fishing, see above…)

G – Grandma came to our house while Mama and Daddy went to that wedding. (Oooooh! yeah…)

Little girls and horses... nothing better...

H – Horseback riding at Green Acres!

I – Pressed our hands to the Ice Wall at Wild Arctic — thank you Sea World Passes!!!!

More later, as we celebrate summer A – Z all week on RecessionHome!

~The Ludwig Family…

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