Summer of Fun – Part 1 – Day Trip To Swami's Tide Pools

It’s the good ole summer time! and @Recession Home, we are striving to make each day count.

I’ve promised my family two things.

  1. Unplug from the computer.
  2. Do one active, fun thing with the girls EACH day.
My friend, author T. Greenwood, did this last year for a WHOLE year — in her year of living playfully. I’m not that brave, so I’ll stick with the 74 days of summer! Being blessed enough to live in SoCal, where other families pay to vacation, we are embracing our locale and stay-cationing with style.
It’s day 5 of summer, so here’s what we’ve done so far:
1. A day trip to Swami’s Beach in Encinitas, CA
Kids at Swami's
This famous surf location is also home to several tide pools — areas teeming with sea life such as crabs, snails, muscles, anemones, and of course, fish.
See the anemone?
My hubby brought his pole for a little catch and release action while the girls and I toured the tide pools to see what we could find.
Unhooking ...
Proud Fisherman! (Note: NO leopard shark was harmed in the making of this blog post!)
A nice little boy offered his leftover “bait” brought for the purpose of watching sea anemones in action. What a FANTASTIC idea! We watched the creatures with their long arms wrap around bits of calamari, folding themselves into donuts, and slurp up the easily devoured treats. however I did insist my daughters leave them with bits of the food rather than let the poor things be teased.
Tide Pools...
We collected a few crabs, from pinky-nail size to as big as your palm, creating a habitat in a bucket to observe them in action. Momentarily. Then, we let them go and watched them scuttle back to caves and crevasses, dueling for the best locations.
Bucket habitat...
All in all, it was a fantastic day trip. We returned home exhausted, relaxed, and refreshed with the ocean breezes. Temeucla isn’t hot yet, but the heat will come. How huge a blessing to know the ocean is just a stone’s throw away.