Summer's Coming! Help Kids Help Out!

I used to have a dirty little secret. A housekeeper, hired with my kitchen money, saved by not buying lattes.┬áNow that even latte money is drying up, I pay myself, and now, I’m doing more to engage the children’s busy hands with chores, to earn Yogurt Island cash…

I found this great tip this morning, on how to engage the kiddos to help with household chores.

Check it out! and see what works for you… Here are my favorites…

Junk drawer makeover

Kids Chores - Junk Drawer

What you do: Empty and clean the drawer, replace items that belong.

What the kids do: Put toys and belongings in the right place, test the charge of stray batteries, throw away garbage, collect change and keep it!

Wiping and Dusting

Kids Chores - Dusting

What you do: Prepare a spray bottle of mild/natural cleaner; dust shelves containing fragile items.

What the kids do: Use the spray bottle and washcloth to wipe windowsills, dust the top edge of the baseboards, wipe walls and door frames.

I save the shredding for my hubby, who LOVES to shred stuff. Then, I save the shredded paper to make recycled paper… one of our fun, summer crafts.

Depending on your children’s ages (mine are 7 & 5), you can decide which ones will work in your house.

Let me know what works for you & yours!