Tangled Decorations: Up Close! Floating Lantern Tea Lights!

Tangled Lantern Scene

Oh, it was our favorite part of the movie… the floating lantern scene, when Flynn and Rapunzel realized they were in love and saw the light.

Well, for our Tangled Party, I used a party idea found in Disney Family Fun Magazine. Using Craft Paper, a straight edge, a glue gun, and loads of patience, I made a TON of tea lights.

Now, you can do a few different things with these.

  1. You can make them as decorations, set inside with tiny battery powered Tea Lights to create that “floating lantern glow”
  2. You can hang them from twinkle fairy lights, and make it look like they are floating over your party space…
  3. You can make them out of plain paper, and allow the kids to decorate them, and take them home as a party favor!

Do it yourself! The instructions are simple, thanks to those brilliant crafty individuals at Disney…

Tangled Lanterns
Tangled Lanterns for Party -- and if you want to MAKE YOUR OWN... here's how from the folks at DisneyFamilyFun!

Or, you can order them from my Etsy store, either in a Grab Bag (you get what you get bags of 10!) or custom made, depending on your party style.

Enjoy! and have a WONDERFUL party!