Tangled Fondant Cake

How to Build a Rapunzel Tower Cake
How to Make a Rapunzel Tower Fondant Cake

The cake really was the centerpiece of this party.

And I have my friend, Tessa, to thank for teaching me the wonders of Fondant cake making. Never in a million years would I have thought it possible to create something so magical for a birthday party! the kids found it delicious, and all we needed was about 3 days of preparation, and some uninterrupted hours in which to construct the Disney Tangled Rapunzel tower for our 4 layer cake masterpiece.

I was advised by my friend, fondant expert, Tessa:

bake your cakes, let them cool, wrap them in cellophane, and get them in the freezer (on a flat surface).  They will keep until Thursday (our assembly day).    Also, you can make the marshmallow fondant.  Here is the fondant recipe that I use. http://whatscookingamerica.net/PegW/Fondant.htm

Fondant tips:  I heat my marshmallows in the micro, then transfer to the well  greased  Kitchenaid bowl.  I grease the hook, too.  I do most of the kneading in the Kitchenaid with the dough hook (rather than by hand – yuck).    If the mixer seems to be working too hard, then you will need to remove the fondant from the bowl and knead by hand.  Remember to grease your hands and work surface before you touch the stuff.  Keep a bowl of Crisco handy.  If you want to make this stuff at my house, I am okay with that, too.  (which we did. Constructing the whole mess at mine…)

Once the fondant is done, coat it with crisco and tightly wrap it in cellophane, twice.  Then put it is a ziplock bag and squeeze the extra air out.  Fondant can sit at room temp for a few days like this.

Here’s step by step instructions on our Tangled Fondant Rapunzel Tower Cake:

  • Rice crispy treats for molding the tower base & top (we just ended up using it for the top.)
  • 2 boxes of Betty Crocker Double Fudge cake mix baked in a large cake pan. (made 2 cakes)
  • 4 12″ dowel rods from the cake store
  • 2 18″ cardboard cake rounds
  • Foil to wrap
  • tape
  • LOTS of different types of food coloring
  • LOTS of powdered sugar, marshmallows, butter, crisco, and mixing
  • tooth picks
  • one sugar cone for the tippy top of the tower
  • one piece of card stock, cut in a circle, to create the tower brim
  • Wilton’s cake decorating bag & assorted tips.
  • TIME
Tower Base Close Up - look at those rocks! I was taught the fine art of masonry by my hubby... and now, I'm constructing rock walls on tape with frosting. Hilarious.
Tower Pieces & flower punch outs
Tower Close Up
Tower Close Up - fine detail. Judging when the fondant has a "wood grain" look to it during mixing color- -that's the difference between just throwing a cake together and creating a work of art! check out the nail holes! made with toothpick impressions... genius.
Rapunzel's Head/Hair - detailsMaking Rapunzel’s Head and HairTessa decided a garlic press would be just the thing to make the hair the proper consistency. I couldn’t agree more. Plus, it was hilarious determining the tensile strength of fondant, and watching how long we could make the pieces before they snapped!
Rapunzel's Face
Rapunzel's Face "Hair & Make Up!" - we opted for white eyes, painted with green food coloring pens & black for accents.
The Tower! and the birthday girl!
The Tower! and the birthday girl - placing sparkly powder on Rapunzel's Braid
Rapunzel Tower Cake - Complete
Rapunzel Tower Cake - Complete

All constructed on site — a testament to harnessing the energy & creativity of friends, the inspiration of a money saving project, and the pride in a job well done!

If you’re going to attempt this, I recommend taking a class and/or shadowing an expert. This was WAY out of my league, but now I’m quite convinced I can create a Nightmare Before Christmas cake for my daughter, Ellie’s birthday in October. HA!

we shall see…