Temecula Grapevine Events

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SWRNN_JacobsHouse 038SWRNN_JacobsHouse 036SWRNN_JacobsHouse 027SWRNN_JacobsHouse 014SWRNN_JacobsHouse 005SWRNN_JacobsHouse 003
SWRNN_JacobsHouse 023Andree Grey educating on the Common Core in TVUSDTeacher Melissa Casady and IB language arts classvideoNational Day of Prayer, Temecula, 2013Hal Margolis prays for churches in National Day of Prayer, Temecula 2013
l. Emily Lund, Lynn Donovan, Pam DvorakL. Joseph Shaw, Hal Margolis, George Moral. Nicole Thomas and daughter, TaylorNational Day of Prayer, 2013, Speakers Great Oak High School Junior ROTC Color Guard, National Day of Prayer Temecula, 2013

Event Photos from Temecula area local events, including: The opening of Jacob’s House, Common Core education at TVUSD, Temecula celebrates National Day of Prayer, Our Nicholas Foundation’s Autism Awareness Walk 2013, Taste of Temecula Valley 2013, New Year’s Eve 2012/2013 Temecula celebrates First Night, Community Talks — Residents celebrate their rights, Western Eagle Christmas Party 2012, Mayan Calendar Explained at Lake Elsinore Storm Diamond 2012, Ice Skating in Old Town Temecula, Pennypickle’s Children’s Museum brings the snow, Taste of Old Town Temecula brings locals Christmas Cheer, ARES Jingle Bell Toy Run, Polar Express at Promenade Temecula 2012, and more.

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