To be 10 again — Happy Birthday notes to my 10 year old daughter on this her 10th birthday

October_2013 008Ten years old.

Blue eyes bright, sparkling with wonder, determination, always ready for adventure, never one to be left behind.

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You take so much more after your dad than me, but there are shining moments when I see myself in your mannerisms, your temper, your off kilter sense of humor.

Distinctly you–at ten–double digits, feeling bright, fun, sharp, and sassy. The world is yours for the taking. So here are ten things I love about you, right now, this instant.

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  • Your distinct sense of style. I can’t brush your hair, pick your wardrobe, or decide on your footwear. You are, quite simply, you. Sporty, fun, full of energy, and uncaring of the opinions of others. I love your sense of self. You know who you are, and that is all I ever want for you.


  • Your plans for the future. At the age of 3 you informed me you wanted to be a farmer. While you’ve honed that dream to be a rescue-animal farmer, you’ve never lost sight of where you want to go. Now, we’re adding bunnies to your kingdom of critters. I pray that you will continue to work toward your goal–and move heaven and earth to make your dreams a reality.

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  • Your heart for your sister… Yes. You fight, you drive each other crazy. But you are always the first to step to her aid, to intervene, to cradle and love your baby sister when she needs you most of all. I prayed the joy of sisterhood for you, and that you will always know that the bonds of sisters is precious. You’ll appreciate each other as you grow up. I promise. For now, she’s an excellent lesson in patience.

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  • You are so very fast! Wings on your feet! that’s what we’ve always said about you. From the day you could first walk, you started running–on tip-toe, no less! You’ve never stopped running, either! the fastest girl at your school, and nearly the fastest kid! Keep running, keep healthy, stay strong of heart and you will always be strong of mind.

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  • Your heart for your friends–we have been blessed with an amazing group of girls that love you, enjoy your company, and surround you like butterflies. I pray that your core group of friends will remain true, through elementary school and into that wide gulf of middle school, high school, and beyond. Keep them close, and remember, that the old friends are the best friends of all.

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  • Your love of all God’s creatures–with gentle hands and open heart, you have your daddy’s sense of wonder with animals and critters that crawl. I love how you research, study, and put what you learn into practice. Always appreciate creatures, great and small!

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  • Sporty, fun, and driven! Your ability to play and understand soccer has truly blossomed this year. We’ve loved watching your team take 2nd in the city, have you go on to All Stars, and now trying out for the next level. No matter the outcome, know how proud your daddy and I are of you. Winning is great, but sometimes we learn more from a loss–always remember the joy of playing your favorite games.

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  • Your gift of voice–you have an amazing memory for songs, and a beautiful lilting voice. I love hearing you sing! and I will always want to join in–I hate to break it to you, my sweet! 🙂 Keep singing, Ray…out loud, from your soul, and one of these days maybe you’ll share your gift with the world…or at least the animals on your farm!

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  • Your confidence. You are quite simply one of the most confident, inspiring people I know. I love your courage, the way you never doubt that you are anything but the best at all that you do. When you stumble, you figure out how to be better next time.  I’m endlessly proud of your ability to not only know you’re the best you can be, but encourage others around you to rise up to their best as well.

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  • Your future. So bright is your future. While we’re standing in your present, ten years old and ready for whatever may come next, I can’t help but wonder what you have in store for the world. I believe you were born for a special purpose. And your daddy and I will be with you, every step of the way, to lend a hand out, a ladder up, to wherever you desire to go. You will never hear us say “no,” or “that’s not possible” to your desires–as you grow, and change, and mature. We will help you find a way to achieve your dreams however we can. But it’s your future, my sweet. Know I will be on the sidelines, forever, cheering you on no matter what you decide to do.

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Happy birthday, my sweet girl.

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