True colors. Remix on friendship. Word.

This MattyB cover touched me as a mother, a person, and a follower of Jesus. I was just speaking with Author Beverly Nault this morning about something close to this topic, and then BOOM. I stumbled across this amazing video on love, friendship, and acceptance beyond boundaries that need to be taught.

Racism. Bullying. Intolerance. Those are learned behaviors. And you can unlearn what you have learned…

This sweet video of the Cyndi Lauper tune True Colors struck me… I was encouraged to watch beyond the first 30 seconds or so, and so blessed by the result.

Our children mirror our thinking. They mimic our ways, our voices, our stature. Yes, genetics comes into play in height, body type, hair and eye color, even the color of our skin. However, it is how we respond to situations that is a nurtured characteristic. You may be genetically prone to anger, to sensitivity, but you can LEARN how to respond with grace. I pray that is what I teach and mirror for my children.

What are your true colors?

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