Up Close: Best Dessert Ever! Rapunzel Tangled Jello Boats

Remember that line from Tangled? Best. Day. Ever!!!! Well, according to my girls, this is the best DESSERT ever.

Inspired by SuperMom, these Jello Boats were SUCH a hot item at our Disney Princess Tangled party that I barely got them set on the table before they were summarily devoured.

As it’s HOT as the dickens, I decided it would be a great idea to serve as dessert, after making a plethora of mini sun pennants for my Etsy.com store.

Here’s what we did:

Making Jello?!?
Jello in clear glass bowls...
Gellin in the fridge...
Rapunzel Tangled Pennant Flags in Orange Jello Boats

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Have a WONDERFUL, cool day!