Valentine Madness Continues

It’s all Valentines day every day right now. It’s consuming. All I can think about. So, this is what being a stay-at-home mama means? I obsess about the holidays?

Here are the projects that I’ve found that I love most right now…

The Valentine banner has been hung — you can see it in process here (thanks to our printables! from

Valentine Banner in process
Glued to 1" red ribbon

And is now hanging over our fireplace. I highly recommend making one. Easy, fun, and quite lovely. Here’s how it turned out! and the mantle is done.  Sort of. Still futzing around with the doilies, ribbons, and the heart string.

Finished! Dare I say, Valentine's Exploded!

The way I’m going, we’ll still be decorating up until and on Valentine’s day! when my oldest is rocking around the clock with her first grade class in last year’s Girl Scout Father Daughter Dance Poodle Skirt!! thank heavens it still fits.

I’ll post Poodle Skirt Pattern & all of those pictures closer to the day!

Now, I must focus, as the Tangled Party Plans are heating up. My hubby came on board with a few more ideas yesterday, and dare I say…GENIUS.