Wednesday — A Tangled Mess of Bunting Pennants

What Is it about pennant flags these days? Perhaps I didn’t notice until I made about a hundred, but they are the rage. Perhaps, it is the festive nature of them. The way you can dress any space with ease! Or maybe, it’s the versatility of fabrics, the way you can mould your theme into a fanciful environment, with swags of festooning! and the garland!!!

Whatever the case, I’m in love. Especially because you can reuse these beauties year after year…

Ever since I draped every window frame with Rapunzel Pennant flags for my daughter’s Tangled Birthday party, I must have them, make them. I’ve become a hoarder of fabrics… And I can’t wait to share what I’ve found for the fall season!! Decorating has never been so easy, or so fantastic!

Take a look at the I’ve discover on…

40 feet of gorgeous pennants...

Tangled Sun Bunting
Burlap bunting for Fall

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