Wednesday Free iPad app Day. reviews Trident's Falling Stars

Best. App. Ever.

Where do I begin.

Falling Stars by Trident

Today, I found an app game that is serene to hear, fun to play, and engaging for my musical kids. (remember how I told you about our beginning Piano Playing?)

It’s called “Falling Stars — which is basically an advertisement for Trident Gum’s Vitality product. I’ve never chewed it, but I have to give them props for coming up with an ad like this.

The Falling Stars Vitality by Trident game for iPad is beautiful, fun to play, lovely to hear in the background, and engaging for all who love Angry Birds, and other interactive, physics type games.

My 5 year old is currently playing a jazzy little tune, making rain drops bounce off of leaves and stems, and otherwise having a MARVELOUS time. And me? I have time to write to you… best of both worlds.  Her favorite thing about it?

“The trees.”

“Trapping the rain drops.”

And, utter silence as she is completely mesmerized by her ability to delicately drag her finger across the screen and weave music.

It’s a feat of marketing genius.

You can bet I’ll probably lean toward Trident, the next time I pick up a pack of gum at Walmart.

FYI – the iPad is in our  “Worth Saving Pennies For” category. It’s a library, an iPod, a toy, a portal to the internet. It’s shiny. It’s flashy. And it’s mine… thanks to my handsome hubby. Sure, there are other devices out there that do other things, but in my opinion, if you don’t have an iPad? you don’t have an iPad.

The end.